>The Energy Challenge 2004 – Solar

>by Murray Duffin [Like previous articles in this series, the following article is somewhat technical. Nevertheless I decided to post it because solar energy is important in the overall discussion of the Energy Challenge. Bill Totten] The Energy Challenge 2004 - Solar by Murray Duffin http://www.energypulse.net (November 04 2004) Solar energy is our most abundant … Continue reading >The Energy Challenge 2004 – Solar

>The world’s first multinational

>Corporate greed, the ruination of traditional ways of life, share-price bubbles, western imperialism: all these modern complaints were made against the British East India Company in the 18th century. by Nick Robins New Statesman Cover Story (December 13 2004) In The Discovery of India, the final and perhaps most profound part of his "prison trilogy", … Continue reading >The world’s first multinational

>R & D

>by Lewis H Lapham Harper's Magazine (December 2004) A country without its czar is like a village without an idiot. - Russian proverb The documentary play "Guantanamo: Honor Bound to Defend Freedom" serves as a dispatch from the Cuban internment camps in which the American government currently holds captive several hundred presumed terrorists of Arab … Continue reading >R & D