>Oil Peak? Uh-Oh

>by Clay EvansDaily Camera of Boulder, Colorado (May 08 2005)"Uh-oh". That was my persistent response as I read James Howard Kunstler's new book, The Long Emergency: Surviving the Converging Catastrophes of the Twenty-first Century (Grove/Atlantic, 2005)I'm an old science-fiction fan, and I take perverse pleasure in a good, old-fashioned doomsday novel, from Ward Moore's funny … Continue reading >Oil Peak? Uh-Oh

>The Polarised World Of Globalisation

>A response to Friedman's Flat earth hypothesisby Vandana ShivaZNet Commentary (May 28 2005)The project of corporate globalisation is a project for polarising and dividing people - along the axis of class and economic inequality, the axis of religion and culture, the axis of gender and the axis of geographies and regions. Never before in human … Continue reading >The Polarised World Of Globalisation

>India’s suicide epidemic is blamed on the British

>by Cahal MilmoThe Independent online edition (May 16 2005)Trade reforms backed and funded by the British Government have caused an agricultural crisis in India which has sparked an epidemic of suicide among impoverished farmers, a leading charity claims today.More than 4,000 farmers have killed themselves in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh since a programme … Continue reading >India’s suicide epidemic is blamed on the British

>Oil: Caveat Empty

>by Alfred J CavalloBulletin of the Atomic Scientists May/June 2005 (May 01 2005)Without any press conferences, grand announcements, or hyperbolic advertising campaigns, the Exxon Mobil Corporation, one of the world's largest publicly owned petroleum companies, has quietly joined the ranks of those who are predicting an impending plateau in non-OPEC oil production. Their report, The … Continue reading >Oil: Caveat Empty