>Will oil strike $380 a barrel by 2015?

>by Adam Porter in Perpignan, FranceAljazeera.net (April 21 2005)A steep rise in prices is expected due to growing energy demandsA report prepared by energy economists at the French investment bank Ixis-CIB has warned crude oil prices could touch $380 a barrel by 2015.Analysts Patrick Artus and Moncef Kaabi said in the next ten years demand … Continue reading >Will oil strike $380 a barrel by 2015?

>$380 Oil?

>Banks Talk Oil Depletionby Michael KaneFrom The Wilderness (June 07 2005)Banks across the world are now talking about oil in terms of "price spikes" and "depletion". This includes Goldman Sachs, the Bank of Montreal, and the French Investment bank Ixis-CIB.The Goldman Sachs' report raised their price range for oil from $55 to $80 a barrel, … Continue reading >$380 Oil?

>Green Cities and the End of the Age of Oil

>by Richard RegisterCommon Ground (June 2005)Over the past century, our cities have been shaped - literally - for the benefit of the automobile and oil industries. Today, with global oil reserves headed toward irreversible decline, we need to face the challenges of the imminent post-oil reality. Seizing foreign oil fields (then "spinning" the story to … Continue reading >Green Cities and the End of the Age of Oil