>Abolish the Weapons Industry to Save Energy

>by Bill TottenNihonkai Shimbun & Osaka Nichinichi Shimbun (December 12 2005)(I've written a weekly column for two Japanese newspapers for the past several years. Patrick Heaton prepared this English version from the Japanese original.)I have spent the last couple of years researching the state of the world's oil supplies. The world's oil reserves are peaking; … Continue reading >Abolish the Weapons Industry to Save Energy

>The Anti-Social Bastards in Our Midst

>The car is turning us into a nation of libertariansby George MonbiotPublished in the Guardian (December 20 2005)The road rage lobby couldn't have been more wrong. Organisations like the Association of British Drivers and "Safe Speed" - the boy racers' club masquerading as a road safety campaign - have spent years claiming that speeding doesn't … Continue reading >The Anti-Social Bastards in Our Midst

>On the Prospects of Using AAA Type Batteries

>As Peak Oil Mitigation Devices,and Other Observationsby Dmitry PodboritsLive Journal (November 26 2005)Joseph Tainter in his groundbreaking book The Collapse Of Complex Societies makes the following trivial, but nonetheless tantalizing observation: "The number of challenges with which the Universe can confront a society is, for practical purposes, infinite".It will probably be noncontroversial to formulate a … Continue reading >On the Prospects of Using AAA Type Batteries