>Slander? She Wrote the Book

>How Ann Coulter Gets Away With Defaming Liberalsby Ted Rallwww.tedrall.com (February 21 2006)My utterances occasionally spark controversy but I've got nothing on Ann Coulter. The star Republican pundit, who has spewed more racist, offensive and defamatory slurs in a week than Louis Farrakhan and Pat Robertson have in their whole lives combined, has turned slander … Continue reading >Slander? She Wrote the Book

>The Paradox Of Pornography

>by Robert JensenZNet Commentary (February 23 2006)Pornography's business has always been the exposure of women's bodies for the pleasure of men, and that was readily evident at the annual Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas last month.But also exposed at the sex-industry gathering was the paradox of the pornography business at this particular moment: At … Continue reading >The Paradox Of Pornography

>The Permanent Energy Crisis

>by Michael T KlareTomDispatch via ZNet (February 10 2006)President Bush's State of the Union comment that the United States is "addicted to oil" can be read as pure political opportunism. With ever more Americans expressing anxiety about high oil prices, freakish weather patterns, and abiding American ties to unsavory foreign oil potentates, it is hardly … Continue reading >The Permanent Energy Crisis

>A Good Model for a Mugging

>Labour's first full-scale privatisation involves the multiple fleecing of the taxpayerby George MonbiotPublished in the Guardian (February 14 2006)From the hubbub surrounding the privatisation of the British government's defence research service - Qinetiq - last week, one statement stopped me dead. Lord Drayson, the minister for defence procurement, asserted that it was a "good model … Continue reading >A Good Model for a Mugging