>Comment on "Diagnosing the US national character"

>After I posted "Diagnosing the US national character" on another list the same day (April 27) that I posted it here, I received the following comments that I think worthy of your attention. BillI'd say that Americans are addicted to picking fights with people in a weaker position than they are (cf the so-called Powell … Continue reading >Comment on "Diagnosing the US national character"

>America’s rags-to-riches dream an illusion: study

>by Alister BullReuters (April 26 2006)America may still think of itself as the land of opportunity, but the chances of living a rags-to-riches life are a lot lower than elsewhere in the world, according to a new study published on Wednesday.The likelihood that a child born into a poor family will make it into the … Continue reading >America’s rags-to-riches dream an illusion: study

>Diagnosing the US ‘national character’

>Narcissistic Personality Disorderby Robert JensenZNet (April 22 2006)Politicians and pundits in the United States love to talk about our "national character", typically in rapturous tones of triumphalism.Often that character is asserted as a noble force but not defined: Earlier this year, for example, Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff said our national character - presumed to … Continue reading >Diagnosing the US ‘national character’