>Be Prepared

>by Charley ReeseKing Features Syndicate (May 19 2006)One of the most pervasive and damaging myths in modern society is the belief in perpetual economic growth. Like the perpetual-motion machine, perpetual economic growth is an impossibility.This notion is particularly difficult to dislodge from the American mind because economic growth has been part of our lives. We've … Continue reading >Be Prepared

>The Inspectors Who Look the Other Way

>Why won't anyone enforce our building standards?by George MonbiotPublished in the Guardian (May 30 2006)For 21 years builders in this country have been legally bound to construct homes which conserve energy. The building regulations tell them how much insulation they must use, what kind of windows they must fit and how good their draught-proofing will … Continue reading >The Inspectors Who Look the Other Way

>The Origins of Anti-Litter Campaigns

>by Bradford Plumerwww.motherjones.com (May 22 2006)I've never known anyone who was objectively pro-litter. Litter's awful. It's disgusting. We're all agreed. But it seems that the nationwide anti-litter campaign, which began in the 1950s, was a bit less pure in its origins. According to Heather Rogers' Gone Tomorrow: The Hidden Life of Garbage (New Press, 2005), … Continue reading >The Origins of Anti-Litter Campaigns

>Why the Iranians will be Rebuffed

>Appealing to the United States is Not Very Appealingby William Blumwww.counterpunch.org (May 15 2006)With his recent letter to President Bush, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has become part of a long tradition of Third-World leaders who, under imminent military or political threat from the United States, communicated with Washington officials in the hope of removing that … Continue reading >Why the Iranians will be Rebuffed