>New Statesman interview of Noam Chomsky

>The New York Times calls him "arguably the most important intellectual alive", yet he has needed police guards on his own campus. Andrew Stephen discusses Iraq, Iran and Blair with a man who divides opinion like no other.by Andrew StephenNew Statesman (June 19 2006)You might think the Massachusetts Institute of Technology would be well designed, … Continue reading >New Statesman interview of Noam Chomsky

>Iran: The Calm before the Storm

>by Pham Binhwww.mrzine (June 13 2006)The media is hailing the Bush administration's call for talks with Iran and its endorsement of an incentives package which includes the construction of a light-water nuclear reactor as a diplomatic breakthrough. The threat of war seems to have receded over the horizon of the foreseeable future.In fact, this is … Continue reading >Iran: The Calm before the Storm

>Making Japan a Nation of Economic Disparities

>by Bill TottenNihonkai Shimbun and Osaka Nichinichi Shimbun (April 13 2006)(I've written a weekly column for two Japanese newspapers for the past several years. Patrick Heaton prepared this English version from the Japanese original.)Prime Minister Koizumi and his Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) have been promoting deregulation and privatization under the euphemistic label of "reform" to … Continue reading >Making Japan a Nation of Economic Disparities

>A negotiated solution to the Iranian nuclear crisis is within reach

>The US must take three basic steps to defuse this confrontation. The consequences of not doing so could be grim.Noam ChomskyThe Guardian (June 19 2006)The urgency of halting the proliferation of nuclear weapons, and moving toward their elimination, could hardly be greater. Failure to do so is almost certain to lead to grim consequences, even … Continue reading >A negotiated solution to the Iranian nuclear crisis is within reach