>Wal-Mart may be just too American to succeed globally

>Outside its homeland, the company formula mirrors that of US foreign policy: brash, bold and increasingly unpopularby Richard AdamsGuardian (UK) Comment (August 24 2006)When Thomas Friedman - the American journalist who has become globalisation's loudest cheerleader - wanted to illustrate the powerful forces at work in the world economy, he got on a flight for … Continue reading >Wal-Mart may be just too American to succeed globally

>Real men in government use their position to sell weapons

>by George MonbiotPublished in the Guardian (August 24 2006)It's described by a senior official at the Ministry of Defence as "a dead duck ... expensive and obsolete". {1} The editor of World Defence Systems calls it "ten years out of date". {2} A former defence minister remarked that it is "essentially flawed and out of … Continue reading >Real men in government use their position to sell weapons

>Watch Out For The Terrorist Boogeyman

>by Charley ReeseKing Features Syndicate (August 23 2006)If President Bush is really religious, then I imagine he fell on his knees recently and thanked God that British intelligence uncovered the plot to blow up eight or nine airliners over the Atlantic.This excellent work by the British and Pakistani security forces has enabled Bush to switch … Continue reading >Watch Out For The Terrorist Boogeyman

>Plot This

>Americans Shrug at Phony Binary Explosives Threatby Ted Rallwww.tedrall.com (August 22 2006)Attention, citizens of the national community: stay tuned for a HomeSec alert! A fiendish plot has been uncovered! Terrorists loyal to the sinister forces of Eastasia have been apprehended! It is another glorious victory for the homeland! All hail Oceania!It was hard not to … Continue reading >Plot This

>God Mode

>by Luke MitchellHarper's Magazine Notebook (August 2006)He has chosen death:Refusing to eat or drink, that he may bringDisgrace upon me; for there is a custom,An old amd foolish custom, that if a manBe wronged, or think that he is wronged, and starveUpon another's threshold till he die,The common people, for all time to come,Will raise … Continue reading >God Mode