>How Wealth Creates Poverty in the Worldby Michael ParentiZNet Commentary (September 28 2006)There is a "mystery" we must explain: How is it that as corporate investments and foreign aid and international loans to poor countries have increased dramatically throughout the world over the last half century, so has poverty? The number of people living in … Continue reading >Mystery:

>New aircraft fuel could be pie in the sky

>by George MonbiotThe Guardian - Comment is Free (September 25 2006)So now we know: Richard Branson doesn't read the Guardian. On Thursday, it published an extract from my book showing that there are no foreseeable substitutes for aviation fuel (kerosene) that don't currently cause more harm than good. A few hours later, Branson announced that … Continue reading >New aircraft fuel could be pie in the sky

>It’s the Palestinian Problem, Stupid

>by Charley ReeseKing Features Syndicate (September 18 2006)To paraphrase the rather rude slogan of Bill Clinton's first presidential campaign, "It's the Palestinian problem, stupid".During the hearings the 9-11 Commission conducted, Lee Hamilton asked a group of FBI agents to explain the motivation of the 19 hijackers. Special Agent James Fitzgerald answered this way, according to … Continue reading >It’s the Palestinian Problem, Stupid

>How Much Reality Can You Take?

>Does anyone really want to stop climate change?by George MonbiotPublished in the Guardian (September 21 2006)You have to pinch yourself. Until now, the Sun has denounced environmentalists as "loonies" and "eco beards". Last week it published "photographic proof that climate change is real". {1}. In a page that could have come straight from a Greenpeace … Continue reading >How Much Reality Can You Take?

>Shopping: How it became our national disease

>We are rapidly turning into a nation of continuous shoppers, unable to walk the streets without making purchases, however trivial. Somehow we have come to believe the marketers' hype: we must always treat ourselves - we're worth it.by Lynsey HanleyNew Statesman Cover story (September 18 2006)The woman in the NatWest knew what she wanted. "Basically, … Continue reading >Shopping: How it became our national disease