>The Smoke Behind the Deniers’ Fire

>It isn't just Exxon which has funded the climate change deniers - Big Tobacco has also played a strange and disturbing role.by George MonbiotPublished on the Guardian's Comment is Free sitewww.monbiot.com (September 19 2006)It takes quite a lot to get Britain's most august scientific body, the Royal Society, riled. But now it has had enough. … Continue reading >The Smoke Behind the Deniers’ Fire

>A Conversation With James E Lovelock

>Updating Prescriptions for Avoiding Worldwide Catastropheby Andrew C RevkinNew York Times (September 12 2006)Few scientists have elicited such equivalent heaps of praise and criticism as James E. Lovelock, the British chemist, inventor and planetary diagnostician who has long foreseen a clash between humans and their planet.His work underpins much of modern environmentalism. The electron capture … Continue reading >A Conversation With James E Lovelock

>Where is the evidence?

>by Paul Craig RobertsInformation Clearing House (September 14 2006)Readers are asking me to adjudicate the September 11 debate sponsored by "Democracy Now!" between Loose Change producers Dylan Avery and Jason Bermas, and Popular Mechanics editors James Meigs and David Dunbar, who have just published a Popular Mechanics book, Debunking 9/11 Myths: Why Conspiracy Theories Can't … Continue reading >Where is the evidence?

>My Israel Question

>There are No Monopolies on Sufferingby Antony LoewensteinCounterpunch (September 13 2006)Jamie Glassman is a British Jewish writer on The Ali G show, a comedy program known for intentionally offending deserving establishment figures. Glassman recently attended the Edinburgh Arts Festival and was disturbed. He wrote in the London Times:"There have always been anti-Semitic jokes. But you … Continue reading >My Israel Question