>The Savage Extreme of a Narrow Policy Spectrum

>[This is a bit old but may be helpful to those who think or hope the upcoming election has any chance of making the empire any less evil.]Five Questions with Noam Chomskyby Merlin ChowkwanyunCounterPunch (July 31 2004)MIT Professor Noam Chomsky is one of the world's most perceptive social critics. I had the opportunity recently to … Continue reading >The Savage Extreme of a Narrow Policy Spectrum

>The Cult of the Heroic Animal

>The Disneyfication of war allows us to ignore its real savageryby George MonbiotPublished in the Guardian (October 24 2006)www.monbiot.comMost of our memorials sentimentalise war. Few commemorate the horror. But now we have a new category, whose purpose seems to be to trivialise it.Last week a vast bronze sculpture was unveiled in Montrose on the east … Continue reading >The Cult of the Heroic Animal

>The Liberals Answer Tony Judt’s "Useful Idiots" Charge

>by Edward Hermanwww.zmag.org (October 23 2006)Bruce Ackerman and Todd Gitlin have replied to Tony Judt's "Bush's Useful Idiots ... The Strange Death of Liberal America" (London Review of Books, September 21 2006) {1}, in a piece entitled "We Answer to the Name of Liberals" (American Prospect, Web Exclusive, October 18 2006) {2}. Many liberal signatories … Continue reading >The Liberals Answer Tony Judt’s "Useful Idiots" Charge

>America’s Nuremberg Laws

>The End of the US as a Civilized Nationby Ted Rallwww.rall.com (October 10 2006)Students of historical hysteria immediately saw 9/11 as America's version of the Reichstag Fire. Both incidents were organic acts of terrorism (contrary to popular misconception, the Nazis didn't set the 1933 fire) seized upon by power-hungry government officials to justify the crushing … Continue reading >America’s Nuremberg Laws