>Sail Transport for the Good/s of the Future

>by Juniper ElkFor ten years, the Alliance for a Paving Moratorium has been committed to the halting of car culture expansion. Bicycles are rather familiar to the readers of the Auto-Free Times, as are buses and other mass-transit alternatives. Unfortunately, even if our individual transportation needs are met sustainably, many of us find ourselves using … Continue reading >Sail Transport for the Good/s of the Future

>Is Wikipedia the New Town Hall?

>by Pat AufderheideIn These Times (March 12 2007)Public broadcasting everywhere is in crisis, and in part it's because technology seems to be turning pubcasters into dinosaurs. In fact, not just them, but all broadcasters. Consider the business leaders: NBC formally declared itself an "Internet company" and is slashing its analog TV investments. Mega-media mogul Rupert … Continue reading >Is Wikipedia the New Town Hall?

>Nausea Rules

>by Jim Kunstlerwww.kunstler.com (March 12 2007)Here's an idea: when the securities markets go south along with the rest of the US economy in 2007, maybe the smoothies on Wall Street should receive end-of-year "cash-negative" bonuses, meaning instead of a check for, say, $25 million the day before Christmas, they get an invoice saying "please remit … Continue reading >Nausea Rules