>Why Democrats are afraid to raise taxes on the rich

>Could it have something to do with the recent affection of hedge-fund managers for the Democratic Party?by Robert Reichhttp://www.salon.com (October 25 2007)New data from the Internal Revenue Service show that income inequality continues to widen. The wealthiest one percent of Americans earn more than 21 percent of all income. That's a postwar record. The bottom … Continue reading >Why Democrats are afraid to raise taxes on the rich


>Clusterfuck Nationby Jim KunstlerComment on current events by the author of The Long Emergency (Atlantic Monthly Press, 2005)www.kunstler.com (October 29 2007)When historians glance back at 2007 through the haze of their coal-fired stoves, they will mark this year as the onset of the Long Emergency - or whatever they choose to call the unraveling of … Continue reading >Assumptions

>The Man Who Builds Hillaryworld

>by Alexander Cockburnhttp://www.counterpunch.com (October 20 / 21 2007)The pollster and immensely influential tactical adviser at Hillary Clinton's elbow is Mark Penn. Penn's polling played a crucial role in Bill Clinton's recovery from the nadir of 1994, when he joined Team Clinton as part of the rescue party summoned by Hillary Clinton and headed by Dick … Continue reading >The Man Who Builds Hillaryworld

>The Politics of "Appeevement"

>Is There a Method to Bush's Middle East Madness?by Rannie Amirihttp://www.counterpunch.org (October 22 2007)Over the past several weeks, the United States has gone out of its way to offend, irk and otherwise provoke a select group of leaders and nations. Through a series of deliberate and calculated actions intended to purposefully estrange those most likely … Continue reading >The Politics of "Appeevement"