>Outsourcing Libraries

>by David BollierOn The Commons (November 06 2007)http://onthecommons.orgThere may be no more eloquent statement about the erosion of our civic connectedness than the news that public libraries around the country are starting to outsource their daily operations. Yes, public libraries are being privatized. This should not be entirely surprising, given how jails, highways and even … Continue reading >Outsourcing Libraries

>Opting Out of Junk Mail

>by David BollierOn The Commons (November 07 2007)http://onthecommons.orgAs the holiday season approaches and we brace ourselves for a blizzard of unsolicited catalogs, it's perhaps worth asking: Is the US Postal Service really serving our long-term interests in promoting junk mail? It is a little-known fact that the post office actively encourages junk mailers to send … Continue reading >Opting Out of Junk Mail

>Adaptive Responses to Peak Oil

>by John Michael GreerThe Archdruid Report (November 21 2007)Druid perspectives on nature, culture, and the future of industrial societyOne of the occupational hazards of writing a blog on the future of industrial civilization, I've discovered, is the occasional incoming missive from somebody with a plan to save the world. My inbox fielded another of those … Continue reading >Adaptive Responses to Peak Oil

>Either / Or?

>Clusterfuck Nation by Jim KunstlerComment on current events by the author ofThe Long Emergency (Atlantic Monthly Press, 2005)www.kunstler.com (November 26 2007)The great debate among those of us on the Economy Deathwatch seems to be whether the debacle we observe around us will resolve as a crash or a slow-motion financial train wreck. It seems to … Continue reading >Either / Or?