>Intensive crop culture for high population is unsustainable

>by Peter SaloniusCulture Change (February 10 2008)Editor's note: The following essay by soil scientist Peter Salonius is Part One of his two-part series for Culture Change that bursts the delusion of agriculture's providing for a large human population long-term. If after reading it you have doubt, read the scientific basis for it: the second part … Continue reading >Intensive crop culture for high population is unsustainable


>A journey through the American cloacaby Frederick KaufmanHarper's Magazine (February 2008)In 1998, John Brunston bought a house in Yorktown Heights, a suburb of New York City. His wife decorated bedrooms for their three daughters, and Brunston planted a cherry tree and an American flag. Then-came the spring rains, and Brunston discovered a dark fountain of … Continue reading >Wasteland


>In aboriginal languages, there are no possessive pronouns.by Barbara Nussbaumfrom Resurgence issue 221In African culture, ubuntu is the capacity to express compassion, justice, reciprocity, dignity, harmony and humanity in the interests of building, maintaining and strengthening community. An Nguni word from South Africa, ubuntu speaks to our interconnectedness and the responsibility to each other that … Continue reading >Ubuntu

>Will Slower Population Growth Stop Global Warming?

>by Allen Schill, reply by Bill McKibbenIn response to Can Anyone Stop It? (October 11 2007)The New York Review of Books (December 20 2007)To the Editors:Once again a highly informative, well-written, and lively article by Bill McKibben on books with an environmental theme ["Can Anyone Stop It?", NYR, October 11]. Even enjoyable, notwithstanding the frightening … Continue reading >Will Slower Population Growth Stop Global Warming?

>Bringing down the new Berlin Walls

>The last thing the west wants is to dismantle the barriers separating "us" from "them". They are vital for justifying invasion, plunder and nuclear proliferation.by John PilgerNew Statesman (February 14 2008)The recent breakout of the people of Gaza provided a heroic spectacle unlike any other since the Warsaw ghetto uprising and the smashing down of … Continue reading >Bringing down the new Berlin Walls