>Belief System

>Clusterfuck Nation by Jim KunstlerComment on current events by the author ofThe Long Emergency (Atlantic Monthly Press, 2005)www.kunstler.com (April 28 2008)My new novel of the post-oil future, World Made By Hand, is available at all booksellers.A friend asked me how come the public apparently grasps the reality of climate change but can't seem to wrap … Continue reading >Belief System

>Monsanto Whistleblower

>Says Genetically Engineered Crops May Cause Diseaseby Jeffrey M SmithGlobal Research (November 19 2006)The Institute for Responsible Technology (IRT)Monsanto was quite happy to recruit young Kirk Azevedo to sell their genetically engineered cotton. Kirk had grown up on a California farm and had worked in several jobs monitoring and testing pesticides and herbicides. Kirk was … Continue reading >Monsanto Whistleblower

>Post Harvest Technology

>Yet another reason there are so many peopleby Alice Friedemann Culture Change (April 23 2008)Review of Peter Golob, et al, Crop Post-Harvest: Science and Technology. Volume 1: Principles and Practice. Volume 2: Durables. Volume 3: Perishables. (Blackwell Science, 2002).IntroductionIt is amazing farmers can grow anything - crops can be destroyed by drought, wildfire, flood, insects, … Continue reading >Post Harvest Technology

>The Hydrogen Economy

>Savior of Humanity or an Economic Black Hole?by Alice FriedemannIn this week's eSkeptic, the email newsletter of the Skeptics Society, Alice Friedemann examines the science and pseudoscience behind a hydrogen economy. Is it worth the energy?eSkeptic (March 12 2008)Skeptics scoff at perpetual motion, free energy, and cold fusion, but what about energy from hydrogen? Before … Continue reading >The Hydrogen Economy

>Let Them Eat Ethanol

>Growing Hungerby Sharon SmithCounterPunch (Apri1 11 2008)Wall Street millionaires have spent months mourning their losses from once ridiculously over-valued investments. Yet these same free market cheerleaders remain blissfully unaware of the magnitude of the crisis facing the real victims of the unfolding global meltdown they so enthusiastically enabled.For the three billion people who survive on … Continue reading >Let Them Eat Ethanol

>Philanthropy and its Uneasy Relation to Equality

>by Rob ReichDepartment of Political Science, Stanford UniversityPhilanthropy is tightly connected to liberty. This is so for two reasons. First, philanthropy is voluntary. Whereas the state can mandate and coerce behavior, activity within the philanthropic sector is not compelled. Indeed, philanthropic or charitable actions that are coerced are often thought not to be instances of … Continue reading >Philanthropy and its Uneasy Relation to Equality