>The Anti-Empire Report

>Read this or George W Bush will be president the rest of your lifeby William Blumhttp://www.killinghope.org (March 29 2008)Propaganda as an Olympic competitionThe latest protests in Tibet and crackdown by Chinese authorities have brought up the usual sermonizing in the West about Chinese government oppression and illegitimate control of the Tibetans. Although I have little … Continue reading >The Anti-Empire Report

>Carter urges ‘supine’ Europe to break with US over Gaza blockade

>Ex-president says EU is colluding in a human rights crimeby Jonathan Steele and Jonathan Freedland The Guardian (May 26 2008)Britain and other European governments should break from the US over the international embargo on Gaza, former US president Jimmy Carter told the Guardian yesterday. Carter, visiting the Welsh border town of Hay for the Guardian … Continue reading >Carter urges ‘supine’ Europe to break with US over Gaza blockade

>Arresting John Bolton

>The Charge SheetMonbiot.com (May 27 2008)On Wednesday 28th May 2008, I will attempt a citizen's arrest of John Robert Bolton, former Under-Secretary of State, US State Department, for the crime of aggression, as established by customary international law and described by Nuremberg Principles VI and VII.These state the following:"Principle VIThe crimes hereinafter set out are … Continue reading >Arresting John Bolton

>Anxious Hiatus

>Clusterfuck Nation by Jim KunstlerComment on current events by the author ofThe Long Emergency (Atlantic Monthly Press, 2005)www.kunstler.com (May 26 2008)My new novel of the post-oil future, World Made By Hand, is available at all booksellers.Loveliness was everywhere this holiday weekend in upstate New York, and it was probably hard for many to believe that … Continue reading >Anxious Hiatus

>Grand Delusion

>Wake Up, America. We're Driving Toward Disaster.by James Howard KunstlerThe Washington Post (May 25 2008), page B03Everywhere I go these days, talking about the global energy predicament on the college lecture circuit or at environmental conferences, I hear an increasingly shrill cry for "solutions." This is just another symptom of the delusional thinking that now … Continue reading >Grand Delusion