>Law professor fires back at song-swapping lawsuits

>yahoo.com (November 16 2008)BOSTON - The music industry's courtroom campaign against people who share songs online is coming under counterattack.A Harvard Law School professor has launched a constitutional assault against a federal copyright law at the heart of the industry's aggressive strategy, which has wrung payments from thousands of song-swappers since 2003.The professor, Charles Nesson, … Continue reading >Law professor fires back at song-swapping lawsuits

>One Shot Left

>The latest science suggests that preventing runaway climate change means total decarbonisation.by George MonbiotPublished in the Guardian (November 25 2008)George Bush is behaving like a furious defaulter whose home is about to be repossessed. Smashing the porcelain, ripping the doors off their hinges, he is determined that there will be nothing worth owning by the … Continue reading >One Shot Left

>Free Trade And Distorted Development:

>A Critique Of WTO Perspectivesby Sharat G LinCountercurrents.org (November 12 2008)"Evidence is persuasive that trade openness delivers efficiencies and generates wealth. If trade opening takes place under the right conditions, all countries can benefit from international exchange." This was the assessment of the Director General of the World Trade Organization (WTO), Pascal Lamy, speaking at … Continue reading >Free Trade And Distorted Development:

>Bailouts Dwarf Spending on Climate and Poverty Crises

>by Sarah Anderson and John Cavanagh Foreign Policy In Focus (November 24 2008)The financial crisis is only one of multiple crises that will affect every country, rich and poor alike.There's also the global poverty crisis. Tens of millions of people across the developing world are expected to fall into extreme poverty and joblessness as a … Continue reading >Bailouts Dwarf Spending on Climate and Poverty Crises

>It’s the economists, stupid

>Conventional wisdom interprets the economy all wrong, says Jonathan Rowe - don't follow the moneyby Don Speichhttp://www.pacificsun.com (October 17 2008)West Marin's Jonathan Rowe strongly believes that the economists, the Federal Reserve, Congress, the White House - all who have anything to do with measuring and reporting the health of the economy - have it all … Continue reading >It’s the economists, stupid