>"It’s (not) the Economy, Stupid"

>by Dan Bednarz Culture Change (January 28 2009)Author's note: This article will be followed by "How Brittle Is Healthcare?"As societies throughout the world wobble on the edge of socioeconomic chaos, New York Times columnist Bob Herbert avers, "The economy is obviously issue Number One". Well, that's the proximate problem, but what else is going on? … Continue reading >"It’s (not) the Economy, Stupid"

>The Abyss Stares Back

>Clusterfuck Nation by Jim KunstlerComment on current events by the author ofThe Long Emergency (2005)http://www.kunstler.com (February 23 2009)The public perception of the ongoing fiasco in governance has moved from sheer, mute incomprehension to goggle-eyed panic as the scrims of unreality peel away revealing something like a national death-watch scene in history's intensive care unit. Is … Continue reading >The Abyss Stares Back

>Finance Capitalism Hits a Wall

>The Oligarchs' Escape Plan -at the Treasury's Expenseby Professor Michael HudsonGlobal Research (February 17 2009)The financial "wealth creation" game is over. Economies emerged from World War II relatively free of debt, but the sixty-year global run-up has run its course. Finance capitalism is in a state of collapse, and marginal palliatives cannot revive it. The … Continue reading >Finance Capitalism Hits a Wall

>The politics of bollocks

>In his latest column for the New Statesman, John Pilger borrows from Lord West of Spithead to deconstruct current mythology, such as the 'impartiality' of the BBC and the 'radical changes' implemented by President Obama.by John Pilgerwww.johnpilger.com (February 05 2009)Growing up in an Antipodean society proud of its rich variety of expletives, I never heard … Continue reading >The politics of bollocks