>Obama’s Secret Plan

>In which we speculate that perhaps Obama has a secret plan to discredit the investment banker cabal and thus undermine their vast political power and reach.by Charles Hugh Smithof two minds.com (April 22 2009)Many observers, partisans non-partisans alike, have been mystified by President Obama's continuation of the Bush/bankers/Treasury's "privatize bonuses, socialize risks" campaign of taxpayer-funded … Continue reading >Obama’s Secret Plan

>The Joker

>Clusterfuck Nation by Jim KunstlerComment on current events by the author ofThe Long Emergency (2005)www.kunstler.com (April 27 2009)Things come out of the woodwork. All of a sudden it's a mutant H1N1 swine flu, with bird and human DNA accessories. We don't know where this is taking us. It could be a media blowover, like SARS, … Continue reading >The Joker

>Nato’s ‘good war’ in Kosovo degraded international law

>Nato's military action against Slobodan Milosevic is often held up as a triumph of justice over legality. But was it right?by Aidan HehirIrish Times (March 23 2009)TEN YEARS ago today Nato, the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, launched Operation Allied Force against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. Nato claimed to be undertaking a humanitarian intervention, accusing … Continue reading >Nato’s ‘good war’ in Kosovo degraded international law

>Newspapers’ Self-Inflicted Wounds

>by David SirotaTruthdig (March 26 2009)At Northwestern University in the mid-1990s, the journalism professor with the most devoted student following was an understated teacher who said that substantive writing and reporting isn't everything, it's the only thing. Alternately despondent and sanguine, he reminded me of Grady from the book Wonder Boys (1995) when he told … Continue reading >Newspapers’ Self-Inflicted Wounds

>Usury Country

>Welcome to the birthplace of payday lendingby Daniel BrookHarper's Magazine (April 2009)On a whitewashed church pew in Johnson City, I sat alone as James Eaton stood over me delivering a sermon. It was a Monday, and this was Eaton's office. One of the inventors of payday lending - the business of making small, short-term loans … Continue reading >Usury Country

>Liquid war

>Welcome to Pipelineistanby Pepe EscobarAsia Times Online (March 26 2009)What happens on the immense battlefield for the control of Eurasia will provide the ultimate plot line in the tumultuous rush towards a new, polycentric world order, also known as the New Great Game.Our good ol' friend the nonsensical "global war on terror", which the Pentagon … Continue reading >Liquid war

>Change You Can Suspend Disbelief In

>ClubOrlov (April 22 2009)This is a guest post by Publius III. I am happy to see that guest posts are becoming a venerable institution here at ClubOrlov. Long live Samizdat!Comprehensive tax relief is America's surest route to effective economic stimulus and genuine recovery. Elimination of all US income taxes would offer irresistible incentives to every … Continue reading >Change You Can Suspend Disbelief In