>Michael Pollan: We Are Headed Toward a Breakdown in Our Food System

>by David BeersThe Tyee (June 12 2009)AlterNet (July 04 2009)Michael Pollan's famous motto for a smart, healthy diet is "Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants." Add to that: "And when you happen to be on your publisher's expense account, splurge". The night we met up to chat at a place of his choosing, he … Continue reading >Michael Pollan: We Are Headed Toward a Breakdown in Our Food System

>How California Could Turn its IOUs into Dollars

>by Ellen Brownwebofdebt.com (July 22 2009)California has over $17 billion on deposit in banks that have refused to honor its IOUs, forcing legislators to accept crippling budget cuts. These austerity measures are unnecessary. If the state were to deposit its money in its own state-owned bank, it could have enough credit to solve its budget … Continue reading >How California Could Turn its IOUs into Dollars

>The Anti-Ecology of Money

>by John Michael GreerThe Archdruid Report (July 22 2009)Druid perspectives on nature, culture, and the future of industrial societyLast week's Archdruid Report post built on one of E F Schumacher's more trenchant insights to propose a controversial way of making sense of modern economics. Schumacher, in Small Is Beautiful (1973), drew a distinction between primary … Continue reading >The Anti-Ecology of Money


>A Health Care Rationing Scheme to Enrich Insurers, Drug Companies and Large Hospital Chains by Stephen Lendmansjlendman.blogspot.com (July 20 2009)On February 24, Barack Obama told a joint session of Congress that "we must ... address the crushing cost of health care ... caus(ing) a bankruptcy in America every thirty seconds. By the end of the … Continue reading >Obamacare

>Creation of the Unbonded Herd

>Clearly the family isn't what it used to be. But what is family? Guardians? Protectors? The first and deepest teachers?by Michael Mendizza Culture Change (July 25 2009)Very, very few adults are independent, true individuals. Very, very few march to the beat of their own heart, metered by deep insight and personally generated values and conviction.Most … Continue reading >Creation of the Unbonded Herd