>Entropy Gets No Respect

>by John Michael GreerThe Archdruid Report (August 26 2009)Druid perspectives on nature, culture, and the future of industrial societyThe relation between modern industrial society and the scientific ideas that supposedly guide it is more complex than a casual glance will necessarily reveal. The ideology a society believes that it embraces and the assumptions about the … Continue reading >Entropy Gets No Respect

>The US Economy: Designed to Fail

>by Richard C CookDandelion Saladrichardccook.com (February 26 2009)We Hold These Truths (2007) by Richard C. CookPresident Barack Obama showed a great deal of gumption in standing before Congress last night delivering his first speech to the joint assembly. All the trappings of power were on display as members of the House and Senate, the Supreme … Continue reading >The US Economy: Designed to Fail

>Global starvation imminent as US faces crop failure

>by Marc Davisculturechange.org (August 23 2009)Editor's commentary: The above headline and first sentences of a recent report from CommodityOnline.com grab one's attention: "The world faces 'mass starvation' following North America's next major crop failure. And it could even happen before year's end."World leaders and the corporate media don't appreciate the role of petroleum in food … Continue reading >Global starvation imminent as US faces crop failure

>The Crisis: Debt and Real Wealth

>by Herman E Dalybicusa.org (February 25 2009)In a recent article, former World Bank economist Herman Daly explains that the current financial crisis is not, in fact, a liquidity crisis, but rather "a crisis of overgrowth of financial assets relative to growth of real wealth".This article has been posted with the author's permission.Can the economy grow … Continue reading >The Crisis: Debt and Real Wealth

>Urgency of the American Monetary Act

>by Richard C CookDandelion Saladrichardccook.com (May 06 2009)On Thursday, April 23 2009, Stephen Zarlenga, director of the American Monetary Institute (AMI), delivered two briefings on Capitol Hill on the American Monetary Act that AMI drafted and that may be introduced as legislation during the current congressional session. This single measure has the potential of bringing … Continue reading >Urgency of the American Monetary Act

>Richard Cook: "It’s Time to Fix the Monetary System"

>by Mike WhitneyDandelion Salad (February 10 2009)We Hold These Truths (2007) by Richard C CookRichard Cook's new book, We Hold These Truths: The Hope of Monetary Reform (2007), cuts through the nonsense and reveals the root cause of today's economic crisis; a privatized credit system gone haywire. This is first-class analysis from a prescient reformer … Continue reading >Richard Cook: "It’s Time to Fix the Monetary System"