>Should We Seek to Save Industrial Civilisation?

>A debate with Paul KingsnorthThe Guardian (August 18 2009)Dear George,Sitting on the desk in front of me are a set of graphs. The horizontal axis of each graph is identical: it represents time, from the years 1750 to 2000. The graphs show, variously, human population levels, carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere, exploitation of fisheries, … Continue reading >Should We Seek to Save Industrial Civilisation?

>Is Vancouver About to Become the Greenest City in the World?

>by Allan Hunt Badiner, AlterNetAlterNet (July 30 2009)Just as American television chokes with scare ads attacking Canada's health care system, it was time to check if Vancouver, British Columbia, once ranked by The Economist as first in quality of living, was still pointing the way to the future.From the airport all along Granville Street, Vancouver's … Continue reading >Is Vancouver About to Become the Greenest City in the World?

>Another crunch is coming – but will the world act?

>by Jeremy LeggettThe Independent (August 03 2009)There is one major similarity between the energy crisis and the financial crisis and one main difference. These two things tell us a lot about the role of cultures in how our modern version of capitalism plays out.The similarity is that we are dealing with two massive global industries … Continue reading >Another crunch is coming – but will the world act?

>The real price of Goldman’s giganto-profits

>by Matt TaibbiThe Smirking Chimp (July 16 2009) "Equity underwriting boomed during the period as dozens of banks raised money to strengthen capital and repay Troubled Asset Relief Program funds. The business reported record revenue of $736 million".-- Wall Street Journal {1}So what's wrong with Goldman posting $3.44 billion in second-quarter profits, what's wrong with … Continue reading >The real price of Goldman’s giganto-profits

>Iceland’s debt repayment limits will spread

>by Michael HudsonFinancial Times FT.com (August 16 2009)Can Iceland and Latvia pay the foreign debts run up by a fairly narrow layer of their population? The European Union and International Monetary Fund have told them to replace private debts with public obligations, and to pay by raising taxes, slashing public spending and obliging citizens to … Continue reading >Iceland’s debt repayment limits will spread

>Wind power – a cautionary word

>The Independent (August 02 2009)All new technologies carry risk. That is true of benign new technologies as well as the old industrial sort. This paper's report (see below) on the potential health hazards of wind turbines, generators of eco-friendly wind power, will be unwelcome for many environmentalists and indeed for the Government, which for entirely … Continue reading >Wind power – a cautionary word