>Crisis in California

>Everything Touched by Capital Turns Toxicby Gifford HartmanThe United States' most populous state, California is the world's eighth largest economy. The state has some of the planet's most productive farmland and in the 1990s enjoyed an extensive real-estate boom. But intensive, industrialised agriculture has polluted much of the environment and now, with more foreclosed homes … Continue reading >Crisis in California

>Forecast 2010

>The Center does Not Hold ...But Neither Does the FloorClusterfuck Nation by James Howard KunstlerComment on current events by the author ofThe Long Emergency (2005)www.kunstler.com (December 28 2009)IntroductionThere are always disagreements in a society, differences of opinion, and contested ideas, but I don't remember any period in my own longish life, even the Vietnam uproar, … Continue reading >Forecast 2010

>Copenhagen Has Given Us The Chance

>To Face Climate Change With Honestyby James HansenThe Observer (December 27 2009)Last weekend's minimalist Copenhagen global climate accord provides a great opportunity. The old deceitful, ineffectual approach is severely wounded and must die. Now there is a chance for the world to get on to an honest, effective path to an agreement.The centrepiece of the … Continue reading >Copenhagen Has Given Us The Chance

>Something New Under the Sun

>An Environmental History of the Twentieth-Century Worldby Heather Streets, Washington State Universityhistorycooperative.org (May 2004)McNeil, John R, Something New Under the Sun: An Environmental History of the Twentieth-Century World (New York and London: W W Norton & Company, 2000), 421 pages. $16.95.Thanks to the work of historians like Al Crosby - The Columbian Exchange (1969, 2003), … Continue reading >Something New Under the Sun