>Embrace the Cooperative Movement

>by Carlos Perez de Alejoculturechange.org (October 25 2010)In the midst of mounting economic insecurity, fueled by widespread unemployment, foreclosures and budget cuts, many people are seeking alternative models to business as usual. From community gardens to bartering networks, grassroots efforts are sprouting up across the country. One of the main pillars of this growing trend … Continue reading >Embrace the Cooperative Movement

>Time for a New Theory of Money

>By understanding that money is simply credit, we unleash it as a powerful tool for our communitiesby Ellen BrownYES! Magazine (October 28 2010)countercurrents.org (October 29 2010)The reason our financial system has routinely gotten into trouble, with periodic waves of depression like the one we're battling now, may be due to a flawed perception not just … Continue reading >Time for a New Theory of Money

>New Web Code Draws Concern Over Privacy Risks

>HTML 5 opens Pandora's box of tracking in the Internet by Tanzina VegaNew York Times (October 11 2010)Worries over Internet privacy have spurred lawsuits, conspiracy theories and consumer anxiety as marketers and others invent new ways to track computer users on the Internet. But the alarmists have not seen anything yet.In the next few years, … Continue reading >New Web Code Draws Concern Over Privacy Risks


>The Rich Are Winning the US Class War: Facts Show Rich Getting Richer, Everyone Else Poorerby Bill QuigleyCommonDreams.org (October 25 2010)The rich and their paid false prophets are doing a bang up job deceiving the poor and middle class. They have convinced many that an evil socialism is alive in the land and it is … Continue reading >Socialism?

>Put Corporate Criminals in Jail

>Economist Joseph Stiglitz interviewedby Sam Gustindailyfinance.com (October 22 2010)An institutionalized system of skewed incentives allowed Wall Street bankers and other corporate executives to gamble with America's wealth and then get away largely scot-free after the house of cards came tumbling down, plunging the US into the worst economic crisis in decades and destroying trillions of … Continue reading >Put Corporate Criminals in Jail

>Capital controls will follow the weak dollar

>by Michael HudsonFinancial Times (October 19 2010)Two weeks ago Brazil moved to deter speculators from pushing up its currency, doubling the tax on foreign investment {1} in its government bonds. Last week Thailand acted on similar lines by no longer exempting foreign investors from paying a tax on its bonds, with the Thai finance minister … Continue reading >Capital controls will follow the weak dollar

>Officials Push to Bolster Law on Wiretapping

>by Charlie SavageThe New York Times (October 18 2010)Law enforcement and counterterrorism officials, citing lapses in compliance with surveillance orders, are pushing to overhaul a federal law that requires phone and broadband carriers to ensure that their networks can be wiretapped, federal officials say.The officials say tougher legislation is needed because some telecommunications companies in … Continue reading >Officials Push to Bolster Law on Wiretapping

>US Tries to Make It Easier …

>... to Wiretap the Internetby Charlie SavageThe New York Times (September 27 2010)Federal law enforcement and national security officials are preparing to seek sweeping new regulations for the Internet, arguing that their ability to wiretap criminal and terrorism suspects is "going dark" as people increasingly communicate online instead of by telephone.Essentially, officials want Congress to … Continue reading >US Tries to Make It Easier …