Oil – Democracy’s Black Straightjacket

Link to map: http://www.bedigest.com/Images/map2.jpg The collective name for the nations that produce oil in the Middle East and North Africa is MENA. On the map above you can see that MENA includes the following nations: Algeria, Libya, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, The United Arab Emirates (UAE), Oman and Yemen. What happens … Continue reading Oil – Democracy’s Black Straightjacket

American Zionism against the Egyptian Pro-Democracy Movement

by James Petras dissidentvoice.org (February 21 2011) One of the least analyzed aspects of the Egyptian pro-democracy movement and US policy toward it, is the role of the influential Zionist power configuration (ZPC) including the leading umbrella organization - the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations (CPMAJO) - Congressional Middle East committee members, … Continue reading American Zionism against the Egyptian Pro-Democracy Movement

Nations May Expand Food Stockpiles …

... and Subsidies, Traders Say by Thomas Kutty Abraham bloomberg.com/news (February 21 2011) Governments worldwide will increase their role in global food markets and may boost stockpiles and subsidies or impose trade curbs to head off the protests that have rippled through the Middle East, commodity traders said. "Greater political intervention in food matters is … Continue reading Nations May Expand Food Stockpiles …

Money, “Free Trade” and “the China Problem”

by Thomas H Greco Beyond Money (February 22 2011) Professor Antal Fekete is an expert on the real bills doctrine and the gold standard. He is someone whose knowledge and insights I respect. This article, which appears on the SilverSeek.com website, draws important parallels between the opium wars of the 19th century and the current … Continue reading Money, “Free Trade” and “the China Problem”

The Fatal Center

by Thomas Frank Harper's Magazine Easy Chair (January 2011) It has been three years now since the statistical beginning of the recession, and the tide of unemployment is still near full flood. Business investors have taken shelter on higher ground. The housing market, built on imaginary sands, has pretty much washed away. Throughout it all, … Continue reading The Fatal Center

Paradox: Linchpin of The Long Emergency

by Carolyn Baker Carolynbaker.net (February 13 2011) Note: The original version of this article contains links to several additional sources of information. See URL at end. When people ask me, "Will the Long Emergency happen quickly or slowly?" I answer, "Yes". When they ask, "Will it be like rolling down a bumpy hill or falling … Continue reading Paradox: Linchpin of The Long Emergency