The Eurozone is Headed for a Crash

It's 2008 All Over Again by Mike Whitney CounterPunch (August 29 2011) Bank funding costs are rising, liquidity is being choked off, and interbank lending has started to stall. A full-blown crisis can still be averted, but leaders will have to knuckle down and resolve the political issues fast. Otherwise the seventeen-member monetary union will … Continue reading The Eurozone is Headed for a Crash

The Shamans Among Us: A World in Perpetual Conflict

The Deleterious Consequences of Economic Models Economic models are mere policy proposals; they are not the consequences of any economic system based on "natural law or even good theory", they are not scientific; they are merely ad hoc. Furthermore, deleterious consequences often result from these models. Economists also routinely simplify things to a point that … Continue reading The Shamans Among Us: A World in Perpetual Conflict

Move Your Money

by Thomas H Greco Beyond Money (August 18 2011) The movement away from dependence upon mega-banks and political currencies is gaining momentum, not only amongst individuals and companies, but also amongst countries that have lost confidence in the international banking establishment. The Associated Press reports today that Venezuela is recalling $11 billion in gold reserves … Continue reading Move Your Money

Modern Money Blog Number Twelve – Responses

Modern Money Theory and Commodity Coins Responses to Comments on MMP Blog Number Twelve by L Randall Wray New Economic Perspectives (August 25 2011) Thanks for all the responses - this might have been a record number for the MMP. Coins are fascinating. I have to admit that even though my approach downplays the role … Continue reading Modern Money Blog Number Twelve – Responses