Don’t Let TPP Become the New ACTA

Contact Your Lawmakers and Demand Transparency! The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement is a trade agreement currently being negotiated by the United States and eight other countries. Like ACTA, the TPP is being negotiated in secret, and on a fast timetable. We don’t know what’s in the TPP IP [intellectual property] chapter, and that's what worries us. … Continue reading Don’t Let TPP Become the New ACTA

What’s Actually in the TPP? {1}

by Rashmi Rangnath {2} (February 07 2012) The blogosphere is abuzz with speculation that the Transpacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) is much worse than SOPA. Is this true? Since the text is currently top secret {6}, there is no way to tell.  Of course, that's part of the problem. But, after tracking international intellectual property … Continue reading What’s Actually in the TPP? {1}

Notes from the Field

by Dmitry Orlov Club Orlov (February 20 2012) Guest post by Mark. As I keep saying, being poor takes practice. Yin Jun You hear a lot of talk about relocalization and deindustrialization. The pastoral life, the good old days. How romantic! Reality pays you a visit when your pick-axe hits a rock, a chunk … Continue reading Notes from the Field

Shining Light on ACTA’s Lack of Transparency

by Glyn Moody (February 17 2012) One of the key problems with ACTA is the lack of transparency during its negotiation. That this is becoming a big issue in Europe is shown by the fact that the European Commission has tried to dispose of the question twice - first in its "Ten myths about … Continue reading Shining Light on ACTA’s Lack of Transparency

The Doom Loop

On equity and the banking system by Andrew Haldane London Review of Books (February 23 2012) You are invited to read this free essay from the London Review of Books. Subscribe now to access every article from every fortnightly issue of the London Review of Books, including the entire LRB archive of over 12,500 essays … Continue reading The Doom Loop

The Decline of American Empire (Part Two)

by Noam Chomsky, Alternet (February 15 2012) In the years of conscious, self-inflicted decline at home, "losses" continued to mount elsewhere.  In the past decade, for the first time in 500 years, South America has taken successful steps to free itself from western domination, another serious loss. The region has moved towards integration, and … Continue reading The Decline of American Empire (Part Two)