Why We Need Labels on Factory-Farmed Food

by Ronnie Cummins {1} Alternet (January 16 2013) This article was published in partnership with GlobalPossibilities.org {2}. A growing number of organic consumers, natural health advocates and climate hawks are taking a more comprehensive look at the fundamental causes of global warming. And it's led them to this sobering conclusion: Our modern energy-, chemical- and … Continue reading Why We Need Labels on Factory-Farmed Food


An Answer to the 2013 Edge Question: What Should We Be Worried About? by Xeni Jardin Edge(January 15 2013) Each year, literary uber-agent and big idea wrangler John Brockman of Edge.org poses a new question to an assortment of scientists, writers, and creative minds, and publishes a selection of the responding essays. This year's question, … Continue reading Cancer