Don’t be Fooled by ‘Conspiracy Theory’ Smears

US Media Lie, Yet Again by Andrew Kreig    (May 28 2014) CNN and Newsweek recently launched dubious tirades against what they called "conspiracy theories". Meanwhile, the Wall Street Journal published "UN Considers Reopening Probe into 1961 Crash that Killed Dag Hammarskjold", a report that broached the possibility that the United States may have been … Continue reading Don’t be Fooled by ‘Conspiracy Theory’ Smears

The Digital Revolution That Wasn’t

by Jeff Madrick The Anti-Economist Harper's Magazine (January 2014) For as long as there have been machines, there have been worries about their power to destroy jobs. The Luddites - early-nineteenth-century artisans who bitterly resisted the new textile machinery that was making them obsolete - are only the most famous example of workers who fought … Continue reading The Digital Revolution That Wasn’t