Pro-TPP Arguments Show Desperation

If trade agreement supporters are going with their best sell, there's clearly little to be said in its favor by Dean Baker Al Jazeera America¬†(May 27 2015) The push for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is reaching its final stages, with the House of Representatives soon voting on granting the president fast-track trade authority, which will … Continue reading Pro-TPP Arguments Show Desperation

Challenging Operation Vulture in Ukraine

Shortchanging Labor in a Broken Economy by Michael Hudson CounterPunch (May 28 2015) Ukraine's collapse since the February 2014 coup has become an umbrella for grabitization. Collateral damage in this free-for-all has been labor. Many workers are simply not getting paid, and what actually is being paid is often illegally low. Employers are taking whatever … Continue reading Challenging Operation Vulture in Ukraine