They’re Coming to Take Away Your Cash

by Keith Weiner Kitco Commentary (June 16 2015) The stories are all over the Internet. Governments are forcing us into a cashless society. Supposedly the pretext is terrorism, and the real reason is to take more control. No doubt more power appeals to politicians, and banning cash seems like the next step after mandatory reporting … Continue reading They’re Coming to Take Away Your Cash

Why We’re Headed Toward A “Cashless Society”

Submitted by Bill Bonner via Bonner & Partners Zero Hedge (June 28 2015) Don't Count on Your ATM Cards Yesterday, came a report that the prime minister of Poland, Ewa Kopacz, has urged Poles traveling to Greece to take "a larger amount of cash" with them. Why? Because the situation could be "very dynamic", she … Continue reading Why We’re Headed Toward A “Cashless Society”

The War on Cash

Officially Sanctioned Theft How Banks & the Government Are Diminishing Your Savings by Charles Hugh Smith Peak Prosperity (June 12 2015) You've probably read that there is a "war on cash" being waged on various fronts around the world. What exactly does a "war on cash" mean? It means governments are limiting the use … Continue reading The War on Cash

End Nuclear Power Now

Says World Uranium Symposium by Paul Brown Global Research (April 28 2015) Uranium mining across the world should cease, nuclear power stations be closed and nuclear weapons be banned, according to a group of scientists, environmentalists and representatives of indigenous peoples. Three hundred delegates from twenty countries that produce uranium for nuclear power, weapons and … Continue reading End Nuclear Power Now

Why Japan Can’t (or Won’t) …

... Stop Using Fossil Fuels Any Time Soon Despite G7 climate pledge, the country isn't embracing renewables. by Peter Matanle, Senior Lecturer at University of Sheffield The Conversation (June 12 2015) The G7 leaders' pledge to eliminate the use of fossil fuels as an energy source by century's end could be the most significant outcome … Continue reading Why Japan Can’t (or Won’t) …