Two Outs in the Bottom of the Ninth

by Administrator in Economy | Politics | Social Issues The Burning Platform (September 25 2015) Zero Hedge (September 25 2015) The housing market peaked in 2005 and proceeded to crash over the next five years, with existing home sales falling fifty percent, new home sales falling 75%, and national home prices falling thirty percent. … Continue reading Two Outs in the Bottom of the Ninth

Markets Gone Mad

by Mike Whitney CounterPunch (September 25 2015) Imagine your doctor put you on a daily dose of oxycontin, phenobarbital and Quaaludes for six years straight. Then he suddenly cancelled your prescription. Do you think your behavior might become a bit erratic? This is what's going on with the stock market. It's trying to shake … Continue reading Markets Gone Mad

Know World War Two …

... Avoid World War Three US Provocation and Propaganda directed against China by Tony Cartalucci Global Research (September 27 2015) Land Destroyer (September 27 2015) An Asian state aggressively expanding its military, bullying its neighbors, illegally fortifying islands, and bent on regional, then global domination -  sound familiar? Are you thinking it's China 2015? No, … Continue reading Know World War Two …

No Brains In Washington

by Paul Craig Roberts Institute for Political Economy (September 25 2015) Washington's IQ follows the Federal Reserve's interest rate -  it is negative. Washington is a black hole into which all sanity is sucked out of government deliberations. Washington's failures are everywhere visible. We can see the failures in Washington's wars and in Washington's approach … Continue reading No Brains In Washington

Initiatives for Transforming the Global Economy

China's "One Belt One Road" by Chandra Muzaffar Global Research (September 21 2015) A number of important initiatives linked largely to the economy made public in the last few years may have a huge impact upon the future of humankind. ASEAN and China have played a pioneering role in some of them. The ASEAN initiated … Continue reading Initiatives for Transforming the Global Economy