Brazil, like Russia, Under Attack by Hybrid War

by Pepe Escobar / Op-Edge (March 28 2016) Color revolutions would never be enough; Exceptionalistan is always on the lookout for major strategic upgrades capable of ensuring perpetual Empire of Chaos hegemony. The ideological matrix and the modus operandi of color revolutions by now are a matter of public domain. Not so much the … Continue reading Brazil, like Russia, Under Attack by Hybrid War

Always Attack the Wrong Country

by Dmitry Orlov Club Orlov (March 29 2016) Chor Boogie There are numerous tactics available to those who aim to make problems worse while pretending to solve them, but misdirection is always a favorite. The reason to want to make problems worse is that problems are profitable - for someone. And the reason to … Continue reading Always Attack the Wrong Country

Robots Are Coming for Your Job

by Bryan Dean Wright Los Angeles Times (March 28 2016) Two women visit a newly opened robot-staffed store run by telecommunications and mobile phone carrier SoftBank Corporation in Tokyo, Japan on March 24. (Franck Robichon / EPA) A viral video released in February showed Boston Dynamics' new bipedal robot, Atlas, performing human-like tasks: opening doors, … Continue reading Robots Are Coming for Your Job

Why We Should Fear a Cashless World

by Dominic Frisby Poor people and small businesses rely on cash. A contactless system will likely entrench poverty and pave the way for terrifying levels of surveillance The Guardian (March 21 2016) "Cash empowers its users. It enables them to buy and sell, and store their wealth, without being dependent on anyone else". Photograph: Alamy … Continue reading Why We Should Fear a Cashless World

Radio Attack Lets Hackers …

... Steal 24 Different Car Models by Andy Greenberg Wired (March 21 2016) For years, car owners with keyless entry systems have reported thieves approaching their vehicles with mysterious devices and effortlessly opening them in seconds. After having his Prius burgled repeatedly outside his Los Angeles home, the New York Times' former tech columnist … Continue reading Radio Attack Lets Hackers …