USA Are Not Number One

by Robin Bal Fortune Watch (November 03 2008) What is it that prevents America from righting herself? Stupid, blind, unthinking patriotism - willful idiots yelling "We're number one!" while ignoring all evidence to the contrary. That Americas now have shorter lives than Bosnians, that our democracy is only slightly better than the Czech Republic's, … Continue reading USA Are Not Number One

Oh, Say Can You See the Carnage?

Why Stand for a Country That Can Gun You Down in Cold Blood? by Mike Whitney CounterPunch (September 23 2016) If black athletes in the NFL honestly think that African Americans who live under Old Glory are as "equally protected" as whites, then they should stand up during the national anthem and sing-along. But … Continue reading Oh, Say Can You See the Carnage?

Bombing Everything, Gaining Nothing

An Obsolescent Military by Fred Reed (September 22 2016) What, precisely, is the US military for, and what, precisely, can it do? In practical terms, how powerful is it? On paper, it is formidable, huge, with carrier battle groups, advanced technology, remarkable submarines, satellites, and so on. What does this translate to? Military power … Continue reading Bombing Everything, Gaining Nothing