World Beginning to Rescue Israel from Itself

Santa Obama delivered a wonderful Christmas present to Israel when the United States opted not to veto Friday's United Nation Security Council vote condemning settlement policy. by Amir Oren (December 26 2016) Friday's UN Security Council resolution condemning Israel's settlement policies may not result in immediate changes on the ground, but it does signal … Continue reading World Beginning to Rescue Israel from Itself

Vietnam is Well

by Andre Vltchek CounterPunch (December 16 2016) Working in shoe factory outside Ho Chi Minh city in Vietnam     Some fifteen years ago, when I lived in Hanoi, I used to come very often to the rooftop bar at the Meritus Hotel for an evening drink, just to feel the gentle … Continue reading Vietnam is Well

Why the West Falsifies the History of World War Two

by Michael Jabara Carley Strategic Culture Foundaton (November 29 2016) Historians interpret and reinterpret history. It is a normal process ... except when politicians do the reinterpreting. Their interests are not intellectual but rather political. They seek justification for their politics by evoking the past, history as they need it to be. The origins … Continue reading Why the West Falsifies the History of World War Two

German Resistance to Russia Detente

The German political hierarchy and major media remain hostile to any detente with Russia, but the ground may be shifting under the feet of Chancellor Merkel and her allies. by Gilbert Doctorow Consortium News (December 23 2016) As German Chancellor Angela Merkel's government is staggered by security lapses that may have permitted a fatal terrorist … Continue reading German Resistance to Russia Detente