In Case of Emergency

The Forgotten Underground World of Swiss Bunkers by Jo Fahy (September 01 2016) The bunker has seven levels underground, staff would have entered through this tunnel ( The Swiss city of Lucerne was once home to the biggest civilian bunker in the world. Built to shelter 20,000 people in the case of a … Continue reading In Case of Emergency

Bunkers for All

Prepared for Anything by Daniele Mariani (July 03 2009) A familiar sight for all Swiss: the entrance to a nuclear shelter (RDB) Switzerland is unique in having enough nuclear fallout shelters to accommodate its entire population, should they ever be needed. "Why on earth have you got a reinforced steel door in your … Continue reading Bunkers for All

How US Presidents Prepare for the End of the World

A new book examines Washington's Cold War-era plans for the day after nuclear Armageddon. Garrett Graff's Raven Rock: The Story of the US Government's Secret Plan to Save Itself - While the Rest of Us Die (2017) Reviewed by Carlos Lozada The Washington Post (April 27 2017) Garrett Graff says that his new book, Raven … Continue reading How US Presidents Prepare for the End of the World

If North Korea Didn’t Exist …

... The US Would Create It by Nizar Visram CounterPunch (June 23 2017) In its latest move early June 2017, the United Nations Security Council ("UNSC") unanimously adopted a resolution drafted by the United States to expand the scope of sanctions against Democratic People's Republic of Korea ("DPRK") over its latest missile tests. Prior to … Continue reading If North Korea Didn’t Exist …

The Ultimate Regulatory Reform

Abolish Fractional Reserve Banking! by Antonius Aquinas Zero Hedge (June 27 2017) The Trump Administration has presented the first part of its plan to overhaul a number of Wall Street financial regulations, many of which were enacted in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis. The report is in response to Executive Order 13772 … Continue reading The Ultimate Regulatory Reform

The Government’s Plan …

... to Survive Nuclear War Doesn't Include You by Mac Slavo via (June 20 2017) Zero Hedge (June 24 2017) Once again this week, the United States teetered a little closer towards war with the Russians. On Sunday, the US military shot down a Syrian jet that was allegedly targeting US-backed forces. The … Continue reading The Government’s Plan …

The Final Government Objective

Enslave or Kill Us All by Jeremiah Johnson (Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces) via (June 21 2017) Zero Hedge (June 23 2017) In the world situation, we are all aware of the "hot spots", such as North Korea, Syria, and Ukraine that could … Continue reading The Final Government Objective