Quicktake: China’s New Silk Road

by David Tweed https://www.bloomberg.com (Updated on August 23 2018) https://assets.bwbx.io/images/users/iqjWHBFdfxIU/igfj2mjurwh0/v0/-1x-1.jpg The Silk Road conjures images of caravans, desert steppes, and adventurers like Marco Polo navigating the ancient trading routes connecting China with Central Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Europe. China's modern-day adaptation, known as the Belt and Road Initiative, aims to revive and extend … Continue reading Quicktake: China’s New Silk Road

Publicly Subsidized Climate Change Insurance for Big Oil

by Manuel García, Jr CounterPunch (August 27 2018) Disabled   Whom the gods would destroy they first make mad. - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow   My 14 August 2018 article, "Climate Change Bites Big Business", described the now evident large financial impacts on Big Business caused by climate change, for example: * The bankrupting-level liabilities to … Continue reading Publicly Subsidized Climate Change Insurance for Big Oil

Climate Change Bites Big Business

by Manuel García, Jr CounterPunch (August 14 2018)   Electoral politics is not the solution to the Earth-threatening problems we face. - Jeffrey St Clair, CounterPunch (August 10 2018)   There is now no non-violent way to reverse climate change. Even with morally unrestrained action, it is probable that there is now no physical possibility … Continue reading Climate Change Bites Big Business

Extreme Global Weather …

... is "the face of climate change says leading scientist Exclusive: Professor Michael Mann declares the impacts of global warming are now "playing out in real-time" • Heatwave made more than twice as likely by climate change, scientists find by Damian Carrington Environment editor The Guardian (July 27 2018) Emergency workers among damaged vehicles in … Continue reading Extreme Global Weather …