Next Contestant, Iran

Meet America's Permanent War Formula When it comes to starting wars, we don't even bother to change the script anymore by Matt Taibbi Rolling Stone (June 20 2019) The crude oil tanker Front Altair on fire in the Gulf of Oman, 13 June 2019. STRINGER/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock Here we go again. Iran has not only shot … Continue reading Next Contestant, Iran

What Russia Rightfully Remembers, America Forgets

by Scott Ritter (June 26 2019) From left, first lady Melania Trump, President Trump, French President Emmanuel Macron and first lady Brigitte Macron during a ceremony to commemorate the 75th anniversary of D-Day. (Alex Brandon / AP) On June 6, President Trump commemorated the 75th Anniversary of Operation Overlord, popularly known as D-Day, … Continue reading What Russia Rightfully Remembers, America Forgets

MMT Carbon Initiative – A Modest Proposal

by J D Alt (June 18 2019) With great interest, I've been reading about the "Terraton Initiative" - a program designed to enlist farmers to sequester one trillion tons of carbon in their soil using innovative and "regenerative" planting techniques. The initiative was recently rolled out by Indigo AG {1} - a young and … Continue reading MMT Carbon Initiative – A Modest Proposal

Why Indian-Turkish Embrace of Russia’s S-400 …

... is So Important for Global Affairs by Matthew Ehret The Strategic Culture Foundation (June 26 2019) Zero Hedge (June 27 2019) India and Turkey's recent embrace of Russia's advanced S-400 defense system represents a major turning point in the international battle now underway between two opposing paradigms of global affairs. Both nations are … Continue reading Why Indian-Turkish Embrace of Russia’s S-400 …

Washington’s Dr Strangeloves

Is plunging Russia into darkness really a good idea? by Stephen F Cohen The Nation (June 19 2019) Protesters wave their signs in front of the White House in July of 2018. (Cal Sport Media via AP Images) Occasionally, a revelatory, and profoundly alarming, article passes almost unnoticed, even when published on the front … Continue reading Washington’s Dr Strangeloves

MMT Primer – Blog #14 Responses

Government and Private IOUs Denominated in the State Money of Account by L Randall Wray (September 8 2011) This week we addressed denomination of "money things" in the state money of account - for example, the Dollar in the US. We began a discussion of "leveraging" - making one's IOUs convertible (on demand or … Continue reading MMT Primer – Blog #14 Responses

Wray: MMT Primer – Blog #14

IOUs Denominated in the National Currency: Government and Private by L Randall Wray (September 4 2011) In the past two weeks we took a bit of a diversion the case of so-called commodity money consisting of precious metal coins. We also briefly discussed the gold standard. I argued that even on a gold standard, … Continue reading Wray: MMT Primer – Blog #14

The American Way of War

by Philip A Farruggio Global Research (June 22 2019) Pete Linforth/Pixabay The infamous Herman Goering had this quote at the time of the Nuremberg Trials in the wake of World War Two {1}:     Naturally the common people don't want war: Neither in Russia, nor in England, nor for that matter in Germany. … Continue reading The American Way of War