How Long Before Danielle Ryan is Assassinated?

by Paul Craig Roberts (August 29, 2019) Danielle Ryan is an Irish journalist. A real one, not a presstitute. She says things that journalists nowhere in the Western world are any longer permitted to say. For example, Western journalism no longer is connected to factual reporting. It is simply used to get whoever the … Continue reading How Long Before Danielle Ryan is Assassinated?

The Chinese Communist Party and Rotary International

Some Salient Facts by Godfree Roberts (August 29 2019) China and the US are one-party states. China, a socialist state, permits limited capitalism (Huawei) and disallows factions in government. America, a capitalist state, permits limited socialism (Medicare) and permits factions (Democrat and Republicans) in government. Our Capitalist Party exists for its own benefit while … Continue reading The Chinese Communist Party and Rotary International

A San Francisco Every Month

How China's Urbanization Pays for Itself by Godfree Roberts (August 22 2019)     The strength of a nation derives from the integrity of the home. - Confucius, Analects China's construction is vertiginous (Wharton Education) San Franciscans unable to afford the $3,600 monthly rental for a one-bedroom apartment sleep in the streets … Continue reading A San Francisco Every Month

Xiong’an New Area

The Urban Center of a New Millennium by Daniel Hyatt (July 21 2019) An aerial photo of Rongcheng county, Hebei province, April 01 2017. [Photo/Xinhua] Some 100 kilometers south of Beijing, China is building a city of the future. The Xiong'an New Area is a modern metropolis of the new millennium. Plans of … Continue reading Xiong’an New Area

Hong Kong Hotel Workers Paying Price …

... for Protests as Mira, InterContinental Force Staff to Take Leave * High-end hotels and others all struggling as occupancy rates plummet * Staff say they are being forced to take leave in what is normally peak season by Kanis Leung South China Morning Post (August 22 2019) Anti-government protesters fill Victoria Park … Continue reading Hong Kong Hotel Workers Paying Price …

Roots of Chaos in Hong Kong were Planted in Washington

by Salman Rafi Sheikh New Eastern Outlook (August 21 2019) A significant part of US foreign policy rests on the notion that it should promote the "politics of chaos" as this chaos, as I pointed out earlier, plays a key role in maintaining US hegemony on the international stage. This "politics of chaos" is … Continue reading Roots of Chaos in Hong Kong were Planted in Washington

How to Make Sense of Foreign Protests, Conflicts, and Uprisings

by Caitlin Johnstone (August 28 2019) Zero Hedge (August 28 2019) The Australian Broadcasting Corporation, our government-funded media outlet, has published an article titled "Australian expat living in Hong Kong throws off business suit to join protest movement" {1}. The entire story is in the headline: some random guy, who ABC keeps anonymous but … Continue reading How to Make Sense of Foreign Protests, Conflicts, and Uprisings

MMT Primer – Blog #32 Responses

Friedman's Functional Finance Approach by L Randall Wray (January 18 2012) Thanks for comments and questions. As I had already intervened, I addressed the main points related to this week's blog already. Let me pick up a few loose ends, and reformat my earlier response. Q1: When you said US Debt/GDP reached 500% was … Continue reading MMT Primer – Blog #32 Responses

Wray: MMT Primer – Blog #32

Milton Friedman's Version of Functional Finance: A Proposal for Integration of Fiscal and Monetary Policy by L Randall Wray (January 15 2012) In the context of today's conventional wisdom about the dangers of budget deficits, Lerner's views (examined last week) appear somewhat radical. What is surprising is that they were not all that radical … Continue reading Wray: MMT Primer – Blog #32

Hong Kong Crisis: Made in America

by Tony Cartalucci New Eastern Outlook (August 24 2019) Claims that Western interests are driving unrest in Hong Kong to undermine China have been decried across the Western news media as "fake news", "disinformation", and even grounds for censorship from platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Yet a look at the organizations directly involved in … Continue reading Hong Kong Crisis: Made in America