China’s Industrial Policies Work

So Copy Them Washington's focus on ending Beijing's subsidies is illogical and self-defeating. by Gabriel Wildau (November 17 2019) China hawks are chastising President Donald Trump's "phase one" trade deal because it focuses on increasing US exports while ignoring Beijing's subsidies for favored industries. Instead of seeking to coerce China into abandoning policies … Continue reading China’s Industrial Policies Work

How Does China Evaluate and Choose its Leaders?

Understanding China's University System by Larry Romanoff Global Research (November 23 2019) Many Westerners have at least a dim awareness of China's Gaokao, the system of annual university entrance examinations, taken by about ten million students each year. This set of examinations is quite stiff and perhaps even harsh, covering many subjects and occupying … Continue reading How Does China Evaluate and Choose its Leaders?

History of Chinese Inventions

The Present and the Future. Recent Chinese State of the Art Innovations by Larry Romanoff Global Research (October 24 2019) China as a nation has the longest and by far the vastest record of inventions in the history of the world. It is now reliably estimated that more than 60% of all the knowledge … Continue reading History of Chinese Inventions

The Untold Truth about Xinjiang

Western media refuse to report reality by Xie Wenting and Bai Yunyi Global Times (March 20 2019) Residents chat with neighbors about their daily life on February 15 in Yusitunke Ayikule village of Awati county in Aksu Prefecture in Northwest China's Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region. Photo: Liu Xin/GT   Editor's Note   Misleading headlines, … Continue reading The Untold Truth about Xinjiang

The Total Breakdown of Relations with China …

... Could Throw Our Planet into Utter Turmoil by Michael Snyder The Economic Collapse blog (November 20 2019) Zero Hedge (November 21 2019) We just witnessed one of the most monumental events of the entire decade, and yet most Americans still don't understand what has happened. In recent months, the global economy and stock … Continue reading The Total Breakdown of Relations with China …