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  1. 2012/04/13 at 19:47

    Hi, Nice blog! Would you please consider adding a link to my website on your page. Please email me back.



  2. victor
    2012/09/03 at 10:26

    Dear Bill Totten

    I am currently an international student at Ryukoku university. You came to one of Nakano sensei’s classes on Seta campus in June or July 2011 to give a guest lecture. I was there too at the time. (that’s how I also found your blog) I wanted to ask you a few things if you don’t mind. I prefer to do this via email though, but since I do not know your details, I am sending you a message here for now. I have provided my details in the box below.

    Thanks in advance,

  3. John Boyd
    2012/11/26 at 11:03

    Hi Bill–John Boyd here. I emailed you via the shimogamo address but got no reply. It concerns an interview request.

  4. 2013/10/08 at 02:47

    Dear Mr. Totten.

    Hajimemashite. My name is Sumie Brigham (Sato), a concerned citizen of Japan who currently live in Kyoto with an American husband and 1 year old daughter Hanako.
    Though I am concerned about the direction in which Japan and humanity are heading, I am at a loss as to where to begin when it comes to taking actions in Japan.. Japanese people do not talk about politics openly and I often struggle with this.
    I subscribed myself to your Japanese blog a few days ago. I would also like to follow this English weblog.
    Thank you for all of your writings and the collections of articles by other journalists. They are informative and helpful.

    Thank you again.

  5. 2015/04/28 at 01:55

    I love reading about Bill Totten’s impact on other Japanese. Water on a parched ground.

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