The Nature of the Hong Kong Protests

by Mary Beaudoin Democratic freedoms aside, many nations in the world but particularly the US, Britain and China have interests to protect in Hong Kong. (November 26 2019) Entrance to the Cross-Harbour Tunnel in Hong Kong. (Hokachung, CC BY 3.0, Wikimedia Commons) Should peace and justice advocates support pro-democracy efforts whenever they arise … Continue reading The Nature of the Hong Kong Protests

US Plans to Break Up China

CIA Funding for Terrorists, Narco-trafficking and Proxies by Shane Quinn (June 28 2020) The "loss" of China in 1949 was perhaps the biggest blow to strike American hegemony in the post-World War Two era, and it is felt increasingly to this day. During the past 70 years, Washington's strategy towards China has been … Continue reading US Plans to Break Up China

China warned to prepare for being cut off from US dollar payment system

by Frank Tang in Beijing (June 22 2020) http://www.informationclearinghouse (June 24 2020) China must prepare for the risks of being cut off from the US dollar payment system in case the United States sanctions Chinese companies and banks, just like Washington did with Russian institutions, a senior Chinese financial regulator said on Monday. Fang … Continue reading China warned to prepare for being cut off from US dollar payment system

America: An Empire Eating Itself

by Tony Cartalucci (June 17 2020) The United States finds itself in a less-than-unique position of an empire in terminal decline. With nations around the globe standing up economically, militarily, and politically - closing off once-lucrative avenues of exploitation - the US finds itself turning more and more inwardly upon its allies and … Continue reading America: An Empire Eating Itself

How did so many more people that were sick with COVID-19 in China recover?

Is it due to their TCM or do they have some other effective treatments that we don't know about? Answered by Nelson Laker (April 08 2020) The Chinese have 5 things which few nations all had at the same time. 1. Universal health care. Everyone gets treated. No exceptions. And they get treated to … Continue reading How did so many more people that were sick with COVID-19 in China recover?

Connecting the Dots

by Larry Romanoff (June 24 2020) It often happens that events we view as isolated occurrences are connected as integral parts of a much larger picture, often as part of a wide-ranging plan, and frequently with important social, economic, and/or political implications which become evident only when seen in total. The several topics … Continue reading Connecting the Dots

Meet BlackRock, the New Great Vampire Squid

by Ellen Brown (June 22 2020) BlackRock is a global financial giant with customers in 100 countries and its tentacles in major asset classes all over the world; and it now manages the spigots to trillions of bailout dollars from the Federal Reserve. The fate of a large portion of the country's corporations has … Continue reading Meet BlackRock, the New Great Vampire Squid

America’s Own Color Revolution

by F William Engdahl (June 17 2020) Color Revolution is the term used to describe a series of remarkably effective CIA-led regime change operations using techniques developed by the RAND Corporation, "democracy" NGOs, and other groups since the 1980s. They were used in crude form to bring down the Polish communist regime in … Continue reading America’s Own Color Revolution

Behind the Veil of the Protest Movement …

... the War on the American People Is Gaining Pace by Mike Whitney (June 23 2020) This is not a momentary civil disturbance. This is a serious, and highly organized political movement ... It is deep and profound and has vast political ambitions. It is insidious, it will grow. Its goal is to … Continue reading Behind the Veil of the Protest Movement …

COVID-19: China Reseeded with COVID-20

by Larry Romanoff (June 22 2020) From the date of the initial outbreak in Wuhan, I watched carefully on a daily basis the dispersion and progression of the coronavirus in China and then abroad, collecting as much data as were available on each location. By late May of 2020, China had been infection-free … Continue reading COVID-19: China Reseeded with COVID-20